Dead Drop


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  • Start: 2022-07-23 07:00
  • End: 2022-07-30 07:00


Dead Drop is a two-player local-multiplayer game of espionage and deception, where one player has to blend into a crowd and mimic AI movement to avoid detection from the other player.

Two Players
The Spy needs to complete objectives and blend into the crowd
The Sniper needs to find and kill the Spy

Special Spy Gadgets
Smokescreen! - Create an obscuring cloud of smoke
Flashbang! - Blind the Sniper for a short period of time
Rush Hour! - Create a large crowd that is easy to blend into
Decoy! - Swap bodies with another NPC
Costume Change! - Shuffle the outfits of all the NPCs
And more to come!

Variety of Maps
City Square
Metro Station
Dance Club
Cocktail Party
Baggage Claim
Pool Party
And more to come!


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