Chess Ultra


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  • Старт: 2023-03-23 18:00
  • Закончится: 2023-03-30 18:00


Introducing the most breathtaking chess game ever made.

Chess Ultra injects the greatest strategy game of all time with a modern twist; offering the ultimate chess experience with stunning 4K visuals, Grandmaster approved AI and full VR compatibility.

Stunning chess sets and beautiful environments
10 Grandmaster-approved AI levels
Intuitive, overhauled local and online multiplayer with ELO ranking system
Comprehensive time controls, including Classical, Blitz and Marathon, available online
Cross-platform online play and leaderboards
Spectate and compete in Official Ripstone tournaments
Demonstrate your skills in over 80 chess puzzles
Re-write the past by winning the biggest historic matches
Export portable game notation (PGN) for every game, locally and online
Full Twitch integration invites you to play against your community
Play in VR and immerse yourself in the Chess Ultra experience
In-depth tutorials to help improve your game


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