Battlefield 4™ Weapon Shortcut Bundle


DLC | Steam

  • Start: 2021-08-12 20:00
  • End: 2021-08-19 20:00


No matter your weapon of choice, you're covered. With the Weapon Shortcut Bundle, you get instant access to a vast arsenal of fantastic weapons. The bundle includes the Carbine Shortcut Kit, DMR Shortcut Kit, Handgun Shortcut Kit, Shotgun Shortcut Kit, and Grenade Shortcut Kit. Whether you’re new to Battlefield 4 or just want to make up for lost time, Shortcut Kits help you go toe-to-toe with Battlefield veterans by instantly unlocking powerful gear or bonuses that would otherwise be obtained through play.

Carbine Shortcut Kit. Easy to handle and great for short- and long-range combat, carbines are the go-to weapon whether you're stalking foes across the rooftops or trying to pick off enemies from over a hill. This Shortcut Kit instantly unlocks all 10 base-game carbines.

DMR Shortcut Kit. DMRs are the perfect weapon for those who like to engage in firefights from mid-range. This Shortcut Kit instantly unlocks all eight base-game DMRs.
Handgun Shortcut Kit. There will come a tim

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