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Absolute Drift


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  • Start: 2021-06-17 15:00
  • End: 2021-06-19 15:00


Drifting: the Art Of Sliding Sideways.
In Absolute Drift, you will master the art of drifting. Practice your skills in Free-Roam and compete in drift events such as Driftkhana and Mountain Drifting.
Key Features

Drive and customize up to 6 drift cars
3 Game Modes: Driftkhana, Drifting, & Mountain Drifting with 34 levels
5 Free-Roaming areas, each with unique levels and themes, from airports and docks to a floating metropolis
Online Leaderboards, replays and ghost cars. View your friends' runs or the best in the world!
3+ hours of clean Drum & Bass and Electronic music by C41 and Nyte
Full Controller Support

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